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Our Mission

 We are a nonprofit organization focused on  

  • Establishing an esprit d’corps among cold case homicide investigators within the Mid-Atlantic region as well as nationally.
  • Providing a forum to discuss and exchange information related to:
    • Homicide case management and operational strategy
    • The latest advancements in forensic technology and laboratory sciences
    • Improving training for police, investigators, prosecutors, laboratory personnel and any other person or organization who may assist in a cold case homicide investigation
  • conducting seminars, conferences and training opportunities related to all phases of a cold case homicide investigation.
  • Opening lines of inter-agency communication, as well as promote, encourage and foster the controlled exchange of need to know information between all agencies who may be involved in a multi-jurisdictional investigation.



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Any person who is involved in any professional aspect of cold case homicide investigation.  Further qualifications shall be that the member or applicant is a salaried full-time employee of an agency involved in the investigation of cold case homicides, and is assigned duties that include the responsibility of investigating. 

Exception: By approval of the Board of Directors, a member or applicant may be classified as “active” who has: Been transferred or promoted within his or her organization to a non-homicide investigative assignment.  Honorably retired from law enforcement service or related service, providing the member/applicant had served at least a two-year assignment that included homicide/cold case investigation.


Any person not eligible for active membership but qualified by training experience in police or other law enforcement activities, or by other professional attainments in police science or administration as well, shall be, upon approval of the Board of Directors, eligible for membership as an “Associate”.

Associate members shall have all the benefits of active membership except that of holding office.


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